Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Finally Here

I have been so inspired since discovering this community of blogging women who create amazing things for family and home in fiber arts and crafts that I had to have a place of my own. I grew up at my mom and grandma's knees watching them handsew and machine sew and that inner 'movie' that guides me through my work is delightful and like a warm hug from them and rememberance of happier times. A comforting shawl of generational tradition and passion. A heritage being worked stitch by stitch. Until we lived in Alaska I never took up sewing. Before that I had sewn countless seams in my Mom's business and watched her design and create wonderous gowns and suits out of piles of fabric. But I was never interested. I would rather be with the horses and other animals. Outside exploring and free. Alone, far from family as a USAF wife in the dark months of winter in interior Alaska I finally picked up the needle. And now I am here. Sewing and creating for my long awaited blessing of a daughter Eliana Lucinda who is now almost 2, and for home and friends and family. Sewfull Joy: as in soulful full joy, what I have found in creating.

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