Sunday, January 9, 2011

Closets and Cast Iron

No sewing done. I spent all day yesterday cleaning and organizing the sewing/craft/E's special toy closet. And today I must do the same to J's studio before he goes back on nights. Pictures coming later.

I do want to share some cast iron skillet tips though. I googled and came up with the most extensive advice ever. I abused my skillet the other day, I forgot it in a sink and it soaked with water all night, with food residue!! Yuck! I am going to season and cure it today. My parents have a skillet that is like glass it is so shiny and nothing ever sticks, they have been washing it in hot soapy water for years. I had no idea why. Now I do. Cast iron is one of my favorite ways to cook nothing compares to the texture and flavor it imparts to food. And a healthy dose of iron to boot. Check this forum post out for details. What you are looking for in that thread is all posts by danab_z9_la.

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